AK-47 Steel Muzzle Brake Compensator 14x1 LH Pitch w/ Crush Washer

Features:Solid 4150 steel constructionBlack Oxide finishPhantom with 4 long slotsLength: 2.25"14x1 L..

$17.99 Ex Tax: $17.99

AK-47 6" Aluminum Blank Muzzle Brake for 14x1 LH -Silver w/ Crush Washer

This is our blank silver aluminum muzzle brake for AK-47. Made of high quality aluminum alloy, it's ..

$27.70 Ex Tax: $27.70

AK-47 6" Muzzle Brake for 14x1 LH -Black w/ Crush Washer

This 6" long Gilled muzzle compensator is designed to significantly reduce muzzle rise and overall f..

$74.95 Ex Tax: $74.95

AK-47 Rifle Barrett Style Muzzle Brake (NEW)

Our "Tanker" muzzle brake has 6 large 45 degree rearward-facing side ports, redirecting pressure and..

$44.95 Ex Tax: $44.95

AK-47 Steel 14x1 LH Threaded Muzzle Brake Jam Nut

This Jam Nut is used in place of a crush washer or shim kit to properly align a muzzle brake. It can..

$7.75 Ex Tax: $7.75

AK47 Style Muzzle Brake M14 x 1 LH Theads - 5 Ports

Our Birdcage Muzzle Brake/Flash Hider with 5 slots and solid bottom is designed in the standard..

$15.96 Ex Tax: $15.96

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